"Can imagine it really sucking."  she said quietly, lacking any other words.  She liked being alive and she loved teaching all too much to jeopardize it on the field, but she respected those who could. 

"For some reason, I can’t imagine ya runnin’ from a fight, Morse." It probably happened though. It probably kept her alive which was good. Having one of your best friends alive was good. 

She laughed lightly. “I try not to. It’s only when things go real real bad that I pack it up an run. I’m a little thankful that SHIELD has my back, but when you’re in the middle of the jungle…” she half shrugged. “You gotta get real creative.” 


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"Never." Phil said softly. He can feel her wincing and trying to get more weight off her knee and made a snap decision.

He turned and stepped in, dipping down and hooking his other arm under her legs carefully, scooping her up into a bridal carry and looking at her. She’s a nice solid weight in his arms and he smiled down at her.

Her protest makes him sigh. “Why am I surrounded by people who hate medical?” He bemoaned, ferrying her down the hallway. “First Barton now my soulmate. I’m going to have to ask for the words ‘professional babysitter’ to be carved onto my headstone. Yes, fine you don’t like it but I can’t actually make you go.” He pauses at a hallway crossroads, looking at her. “Frankly, I could just take you home, give you my medkit then tuck you into my guest bed. If you’re going to refuse medical assistance I’d rather you not be alone.” “

He has no idea how this is supposed to proceed now that they’ve found each other.

She nearly yelled as he scooped her up and she was very tense for much longer than she probably needed to be and fuck did that hurt. They would definitely have to work on boundaries or something..maybe she was just bitter that she didn’t see it coming…

She has to laugh. Apparently he didn’t read enough of her files. “You know Barton was my partner for some time right? It took me ages to get him to even accept my help when he got hurt on an op, I can’t imagine trying to get him to medical unless he was dying.” She commented grinning slightly. “Or tattooed on your shoulder.” She suggested laughing. 

"You could, pull rank." It was a very quiet, suggestion. He could absolutely pull rank on her. Command her to go to medical and there wouldn’t be any argue. 

Just because they were suddenly soulmates didn’t mean that rank no longer applied and that this wasn’t their job. 

"I’d like that." She agreed, it wasn’t quite begging this time either.